Carpet Stain Removal in Wellington

Our Skilled Carpet Stain Removal in Wellington Will Bring Your Carpet Back to Life.

At Carpetech, you will get excellent service for your money and customer satisfaction when you book a consultation for carpet stain removal in Wellington, NZ, at a reasonable price.

Solutions for Your Carpet Pulling Up in the Middle

The Benefits of a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Wellington

You may regard renting a machine as being less costly, but having your carpet properly washed by a cleaner with the right equipment − and over 30 years’ experience in the industry − may save you money in the long run.

Carpets that remain overly wet for long periods are at risk of stretching, buckling, and eventually creasing. Our cleaning services involves comprehensive extraction of hot water and low-moisture encapsulation to ensure quick drying.

Problems This Carpet Cleaner in Wellington NZ Addresses

Our carpet maintenance knowledge and experience has resulted in an impressive reputation, and the owner takes personal responsibility for the execution of every project.

We do our very best to look after your carpets and keep them going so you can get the best out of them for as long as possible. Be sure to do regular professional carpet cleaning and maintenance on your carpets.

Why Carpetech is Cost-Effective

We’ve been extending the lives of carpets and preventing our customers from replacing these costly items unnecessarily since 1991. Contact us if you trust that we can help you do the same.


Re-seaming, patching and all kinds of small repairs


We'll do our very best to professionally lift those nasty stains

Pet Damage

Fix up irritable scratches, worn spots, claw damage and stains


Getting rid of those troublesome lumps and bumps

Broken Seams

We can repair rips and seams of any size and shape


Cover up any holes, stains or rough patches. Good as new

Get in touch today to extend the life of your carpet